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Radar data is sent via modems and telephone lines to a database server at smhi. A rave application acts as a client to the database server and can fetch radar data via Internet and the http protocol. rave is supported on Unix and Linux platforms. rave could quite easily be ported to the Windows or Macintosh platforms though, 1. There is a cooperation between weather radar operators in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, and Poland called baltrad and operated within the framework of The Baltic Sea Experiment: baltex.

4 The input to a vad algorithm is data from one or several (with different elevation angles) Doppler ppi scans and the desired altitudes at which vad circles should be generated. The output is either a graph like the one in Figure 11 or a set of horizontal vectors, one for each of the desired altitudes. Such an algorithm was already implemented in rave before the start of this project, but the only possible way to view the output from the algorithm was as lists of numbers. A 3D visualization object employing this algorithm has been added (see Figure 29).

Meteorologists are used to viewing and analyzing 2D images like pcappi and rhi products. It is thus very important to include these types of objects in the 3D version of rave, as they may serve to bridge the gap between 2D and 3D visualizations. Having spoken to meteorologists at smhi, their main opinion is that it will probably be of great use to them to be able to analyze radar data in 3D. As with all new technologies it will, however, take some time for them to get used to it. It is of great importance that the user interface be designed for easy use.

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