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Grab that magic wand! This renowned deck of easy-to-perform magic tips and kid-friendly sleights of hand has been up-to-date with new actions and illustrations.

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Put the trick cup back in the hat, sliding it into the cup of water. Lift out the cup. Turn the hat upside down. No spills! Stay-at-home-cards Materials: Deck of cards Place the four of clubs and the five of spades on top of the deck, with the four of spades and the five of clubs immediately below them. Pick up the top two cards and tell your friends you can bury these cards in the middle of the deck, then call them home. Don’t name the cards, and show them quickly to the audience. Bury them in the deck.

It sounds easy, but it’s impossible! Raising Raisins Materials: Glass of carbonated water or soda; Raisins Drop a handful of raisins into a tall glass of carbonated water or soda. Tell your friends you can make the raisins obey your commands. Wait until the bubbles begin to collect around the raisins. ” The raisins will “follow” your commands for quite a while. Live Volcano Materials: Clean cardboard frozen-juice can; Scissors; ½ cup hydrogen peroxide; ½ tablespoon fast-acting yeast; Metal spoon This is a project to do outside.

After a few friends have tried it, crack the egg into a bowl, just to prove it’s raw. Waterproof Card Materials: Penny; Juice glass; Index card; Bowl Drop a penny into a very full glass of water. Lay an index card on top. Invert the glass over a bowl. Take your hand away and the card will stick to the glass. Set the upside-down glass on the table and slide the card out. You’ll have a penny on the table with an upside-down glass of water over it! Hide the card. Now tell a friend that he can have the penny if he can get it out without spilling the water.

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