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By Bryan W. Mattimore

ISBN-10: 0814477887

ISBN-13: 9780814477885

Providing a number information, ideas and stories to aid company humans faucet hidden artistic strengths, this publication permits readers to creatively remedy a variety of office matters through explaining tips on how to: comprehend the inventive method; detect their very own artistic talents; use the artistic thoughts of such geniuses as Walt Disney, Albert Einstein and Leonardo Da Vinci; practice inventive ideas to place of work concerns; and facilitate inventive or "brainstorming" periods.

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How did he create a robot sophisticated enough to successfully debate a human in "real time," in front of a live audience? With a little thought, the answer is probably obvious to you. In an extraordinary, yet by no means impossible, Page 13 job of programming, Pal must have prescripted the debate, down to the very last word and pause, to make sure the robot said exactly what he wanted it to say at exactly the right moment. The night of the debate, the presentation went flawlessly; everything did indeed time out perfectly.

Notes 1. William J. J. Gordon and Tony Poze, ''Conscious/Subconscious Interaction in a Creative Act," Journal of Creative Behavior, Vol. 15, No. , 1981, p. 4 2. Ibid. 3. Ibid. 4. Ibid. 5. Hadamard, J. : Princeton University Press, 1945), pp. 142-143. Page 12 3 - Of Creative Robots, Computers, and Idea LabsTM You are invited to a debate between man and computer. In one corner is Pal Asija, inventor and recipient of the first computer software patent ever issued in the United States for a revolutionary artificial intelligence program he patented in 1981.

Tiny, soft energy bursts are pushing my image ... 2 Is this process of allowing the image to become fuzzy surprising? At first, it was to me. After all, if the image of the electrical outlet had not been transformed, it could have led only to another electrical outlet. The object, as Gordon says, had to become "creatively ambiguous" to lead to an analogous match. ) When the object is fuzzy and made creatively ambiguous, then the subconscious mind can begin its search for an analogy. This is how the subject described this process: "I know that my blurred image is out there, but it is so formless-I can't tell what it is doing.

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