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By John Kennedy Toole

ISBN-10: 0802130208

ISBN-13: 9780802130204

A Confederacy of Dunces is an American comedian masterpiece. John Kennedy Toole’s hero is one Ignatius J. Reilly, “huge, overweight, fractious, fastidious, and a latter-day Gargantua, a Don Quixote of the French area. His tale bursts with absolutely unique personality, denizens of latest Orleans’ decrease depths, enormously true-to-life discussion, and the zaniest sequence of low and high comedian adventures” (Henry Kisor, Chicago solar Times) .

Published a decade after the demise of the writer, this wildly artistic comedian masterpiece gains some of the most unforgettable characters in sleek fiction: Ignatius Reilly, a colossal misfit Medievalist hilariously at odds with the 20th-century world.

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"A eco-friendly looking cap squeezed the head of the fleshy balloon of a head. the fairway earflaps, filled with huge ears and uncut hair and the positive bristles that grew within the ears themselves, caught out on both sides like flip indications indicating instructions immediately. complete, pursed lips protruded underneath the fuzzy black moustache and, at their corners, sank into little folds jam-packed with disapproval and potato chip crumbs."

Meet Ignatius J. Reilly, the hero of John Kennedy Toole's tragicomic story, A Confederacy of Dunces. This 30-year-old medievalist lives at domestic along with his mom in New Orleans, pens his magnum opus on massive leader writing pads he retains hidden less than his mattress, and relays to someone who will pay attention the anxious event he as soon as had on a Greyhound Scenicruiser certain for Baton Rouge. ("Speeding alongside in that bus was once like hurtling into the abyss.") yet Ignatius's quiet lifetime of tyrannizing his mom and writing his never-ending comparative historical past screeches to a halt whilst he's nearly arrested through the overeager Patrolman Mancuso--who blunders him for a vagrant--and then curious about a automobile coincidence along with his tipsy mom in the back of the wheel. something ends up in one other, and sooner than he is aware it, Ignatius is out pounding the pavement looking for a job.

Over the subsequent numerous hundred pages, our hero stumbles from one experience to the following. His stint as a hotdog seller is lower than winning, and he quickly turns his employers on the Levy Pants corporation on their heads. Ignatius's direction throughout the operating global is populated by way of brilliant secondary characters: the stripper Darlene and her gifted cockatoo; the septuagenarian secretary omit Trixie, whose determined makes an attempt to retire are continuously, comically thwarted; homosexual blade Dorian Greene; sinister leave out Lee, owner of the evening of pleasure nightclub; and Myrna Minkoff, the lady Ignatius likes to hate. the various subplots that weave via A Confederacy of Dunces are as complex as something you'll locate in a Dickens novel, and simply as fantastically tied jointly in any case. however it is Ignatius--selfish, domineering, and deluded, tragic and comedian and bigger than life--who contains the tale. he's a modern day Quixote beset via giants of the fashionable age. His fragility cracks the shell of comedian bluster, revealing a deep streak of depression underneath the antic humor. John Kennedy Toole dedicated suicide in 1969 and not observed the ebook of his novel. Ignatius Reilly is what he left in the back of, a becoming memorial to a skilled and tormented existence. --Alix Wilber

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