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By Sandrine Berges (auth.)

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He also makes it clear that this sort of entertainment is new and that previously spectators may have expected something more enlightening. Almost certainly, he would not feel the same way about a Greek theatrical festival. But the extreme character of his example allows him to illustrate the point that if he, an old man and a Stoic, is shaken in his character when he attends such events, those younger and less well trained than he would not stand much of a chance of 42 A Feminist Perspective on Virtue Ethics coming out unharmed.

In the Calamities, Abelard writes to an unnamed friend who has suffered some misfortune, hoping to console him by telling him of his own, much greater, misfortunes and showing how, in his example, one can overcome the worst calamities. He talks of his scholarly difficulties and disagreement with treacherous colleagues, his torrid affair with Heloise, his secret marriage and ensuing castration when he asked her to rejoin her convent after they were married, more treachery at the schools, the burning of his manuscript and, last, ill health.

41 The gender-specific aspects of Perictione’s text seem to be imposed by circumstances rather than essential to her thought. Indeed, we have a glimpse into a more gender-neutral view of justice when she says that women might benefit the city if they are virtuous, provided they are allowed to rule. , virtuous in the same manner) by stating that laws punish women for faults that are excused in men. Perhaps the main difference between Hipparchia and Perictione is that whereas Hipparchia’s philosophy was lived – though it engaged only herself and her immediate circle – Perictione’s was written and thus was meant to advise more women over a longer period of time than the mere example of one’s own life would achieve.

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