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Why does American legislation enable the leisure use of a few medications, similar to alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine, yet now not others, comparable to marijuana, cocaine, and heroin? the reply lies no longer easily within the damage using those medicinal drugs may possibly reason, yet within the perceived morality--or lack thereof--of their leisure use. regardless of powerful rhetoric from ethical critics of leisure drug use, although, it truly is unusually tricky to figure the explanations they've got for deeming the leisure use of (some) medicines morally incorrect. during this ebook, Rob Lovering lays out and dissects a variety of arguments for the immorality of utilizing marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and different medications recreationally. He contends that, quite often, those arguments don't prevail. Lovering's ebook represents one of many first works to systematically current, examine, and critique arguments for the ethical wrongness of leisure drug use. Given this, in addition to the recognition of the morality-based safeguard of the U.S.' drug legislation, this ebook is a crucial and well timed contribution to the talk at the leisure use of drugs.

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3) Therefore, recreational drug use is wrong. In this argument, the activity is recreational drug use and the wrongmaking property is that of being unnatural. As one can see, these types of arguments for the wrongness of recreational drug use—these types of arguments against recreational drug use, for short—may be conjoined in various ways. For example, one could conjoin religious arguments and harm-based arguments, religious arguments and non-harm-based arguments, nonreligious arguments and harm-based arguments, nonreligious arguments and non-harm-based arguments, and so on.

In addition to it being intuitive, then, another reason for holding that eating highly unhealthy food is morally permissible is that it is an instance of a type of activity in which most people believe one has a moral right to engage: self-determinative activity. There may be other reasons for holding this, of course, such as that eating highly unhealthy food appears to be behavior to which rational moral agents can rationally agree (more on this in Chapter 4), but these will do for now. All this to say, even if eating highly unhealthy food is generally unhealthy for the agent, this does not seem to render it wrong or even likely to be.

83 But both of these possibilities are subject to a problem raised earlier, which is that, even if a basic moral claim has great explanatory power and is very practical, it still may be false. What’s more—and more to the point—it seems at least logically possible that a basic moral claim can have great explanatory power and be very practical, and yet be counterintuitive as well. With this in mind, take two basic moral claims, one of which has great explanatory power and is very practical, and most people’s intuition, arising foremost from the claim’s intrinsic features, is that it is true.

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