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By Hammar G.W.

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When the average magnetic moment lies along the out-of-plane direction. 2, d x 2 - y 2 , dxY,dZY and d,,(,,) orbitals. bands 5 and 5* couple to the occupied band 1, which also makes the moments cant relative to the in-plane direction. Through the SOC, these band effects lead to the intra-atomic noncollinear magnetism seen in Fig. 11. 7 eV above EF at r) are split by the SOC, for which we found that an additional intra-atomic noncollinear magnetism is introduced. For example, we observed an energy gap of 54 meV for the noncollinear magnetic state and 53 meV for the collinear state, between the M5 and M5* states (Fig.

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