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Dzong-ka-ba's The Essence of Eloquence continues to be thought of so vital to Tibetan Buddhists that the Dalai Lama retains a duplicate with him at any place he is going. This publication examines many desirable issues raised in six centuries of Tibetan and Mongolian observation about the first sections of this article: the Prologue, and the part at the Mind-Only tuition. by way of offering brilliant aspect, Jeffrey Hopkins finds the liveliness of Tibetan scholastic controversies, exhibiting the dynamism of considerate observation and stimulating the reader's metaphysical mind's eye. within the means of interpreting a hundred and seventy concerns, this quantity treats many attractive issues on nice car shows of the 3 natures and the 3 non-natures, together with how you can observe those to all phenomena, the selflessness of people, and the vacancy of vacancy. It concludes with a delineation of the ways during which the Mind-Only tuition translates scriptures.

This stand-alone ebook is the ultimate quantity of a trilogy on Mind-Only that Hopkins composed over a interval of 22 years. His seriously annotated translation of the 1st sections of Dzong-ka-ba's textual content is inside the first quantity, Emptiness within the Mind-Only tuition of Buddhism, besides a ancient and doctrinal creation, a close synopsis of the textual content, and a severe variation. the second one quantity, Reflections on truth: the 3 Natures and Non-Natures within the Mind-Only School, offers historic and social context, a simple presentation of the 3 natures, the 2 kinds of vacancy within the Mind-Only university, and the contrasting perspectives of Dol-bo-ba Shay-rap-gyel-tsen of the Jo-nang-ba order of Tibetan Buddhism.

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Like debaters in a monastic college, we also can experience this only by confronting issue after issue, major and minor, in lively embroilment and with hope that the larger perspective will dawn. With this in mind, I address 170 such focal issues in this book. Techniques of Analysis Tibetan and Mongolian commentators employ various strategies for getting at the meaning of a text by: “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ dividing the text into sections providing a synopsis of the topics through an elaborate outline exploring the range of meanings of particular words placing an issue in a larger context extracting issues for extended analysis juxtaposing seemingly conflicting assertions finding internal and external evidence to resolve contradictions manipulating meanings so as to create coherence raising a parallel concern from another context exposing terminology hardened over centuries of use to analysis of historical development.

Gene Smith suggests that he may be the second. 14 Background Buddha’s scriptures is the essence to which ‚zong-ka-œa’s title refers. Speaking about that text, he says:11 By way of [treating] difficult points, I will explain this great treatise bestowing„on those endowed with intelligence„independent analytical understanding concerning the meaning of the thought of all [of the Buddha’s] scriptures through differentiating which require interpretation and which are definitive among all of the Conqueror’s scriptures, [this being] the essence of all eloquence.

When he saw that other levels formed after him, he erroneously concluded that he created them. Gung-tang’s handling of an apparent contradiction in the Buddhist cosmological explanation suggests that Buddhist accounts can withstand analysis whereas non-Buddhist accounts cannot. Also, his readers are reminded not to be misled into placing confidence in non-Buddhist gods by ‚zong-ka-œa’s mention of them. PART TWO: THE QUESTION 4. Identifying First-Wheel Teachings The Sátra Unraveling the Thought According to Dön-drup-gyel-tsen’s Four Intertwined Commentaries,22 the SÒtra Unraveling the Thought 23 was set forth in Vaishåli, India, by the Supramundane Victor, Shåkyamuni Buddha, during the period of his final, third turning of the wheel of doctrine for practitioners of both the Lesser Vehicle and the Great Vehicle.

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