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By John A. Beachy, William D. Blair

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Very hot via teachers in previous variants for its sequencing of subject matters in addition to its concrete technique, somewhat slower starting velocity, and large set of routines, the newest variation of summary Algebra extends the thrust of the generally used previous variations because it introduces smooth summary strategies simply after a cautious learn of vital examples. Beachy and Blair’s transparent narrative presentation responds to the wishes of green scholars who stumble over evidence writing, who comprehend definitions and theorems yet can't do the issues, and who wish extra examples that tie into their earlier event. The authors introduce chapters through indicating why the cloth is necessary and, while, touching on the hot fabric to objects from the student’s history and linking the subject material of the bankruptcy to the wider photograph. teachers will locate the most recent version pitched at an appropriate point of hassle and should savour its sluggish elevate within the point of class because the scholar progresses during the e-book. instead of placing superficial functions on the fee of vital mathematical suggestions, the Beachy and Blair good, well-organized remedy motivates the topic with concrete difficulties from components that scholars have formerly encountered, particularly, the integers and polynomials over the genuine numbers.

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1 Definition. = == < = < == We feel that the definition we have given provides the best intuitive understand­ ing of the notion of congruence, but in almost all proofs it will be easiest to use the characterization given by the next proposition. Using this characterization makes it possible to utilize the facts about divisibility that we have developed in the preceding sections of this chapter. = Let a, b, and n 0 be integers. Then a b (mod n) if and only ifn (a - b). Proof If a b (mod n), then a and b have the same remainder when divided by n,common so the division algorithm gives a nq l + r and b nq 2 + r.

Therefore this theorem of Lagrange is as sharp as possible. If = + + then when both sides are divided by 8, the remainders must be the same. 3 that we can compute and the remainder of = + + by adding the remainders of (and subtracting a multiple of 8 if necessary). By the same proposition, we can n a 2 b2 c2 , n a 2 b 2 c2 a 2 , b 2 , c2 25 1 . 3. CONGRUENCES a 2 , b2 , 2 compute the remainders of and c by squaring the remainders of and c (and subtracting a multiple of 8 if necessary). The possible remainders for and c are 0, 1 , , 7, and squaring and taking remainders yields only the values 0, 1 , and 4.

The set of all integers which have the same remainder as a when divided by n is called the congruence class of a modulo n, and is denoted by [a] n , where [a] n {x Z I x = a (mod n)} . The collection of all congruence classes modulo n is called the set of integers modulo n, denoted by Zn . Note that [a] n if and only if a = b (mod n). When the modulus is [b] n clearly understood from the context, the subscript n can be omitted and [a] n can be written simply as [a]. A given congruence class can be denoted in many ways.

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