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By Joseph J. Rotman

ISBN-10: 1470415542

ISBN-13: 9781470415549

This re-creation, now in components, has been considerably reorganized and lots of sections were rewritten. this primary half, designed for a primary yr of graduate algebra, comprises classes: Galois concept and Module idea. themes coated within the first direction are classical formulation for suggestions of cubic and quartic equations, classical quantity thought, commutative algebra, teams, and Galois idea. issues within the moment direction are Zorn's lemma, canonical types, internal product areas, different types and bounds, tensor items, projective, injective, and flat modules, multilinear algebra, affine types, and Grobner bases.

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27. If p is a prime and m for all a E Z. = = 1 mod (p - = 1), then am= a mod p = Proof. If a 0 mod p, then am 0 mod p, and so am a mod p. Assume now that a "¢ 0 mod p; that is, pf a. By hypothesis, m -1 = k(p- l) for some integer k, and so m = 1 + (p - l)k. Therefore, am= a 1 +(p-l)k for aP- 1 = aa(p-l)k = a(ap-l )k =a mod p, = 1 mod p, by the proof of Fermat's Theorem. • We can now explain a well-known divisibility test. The usual decimal notation for the integer 5754 is an abbreviation of 5 .

We know that Mi = 0 mod mi x =bi (s1M1) for all j ~ i. Hence, for all i, + b2 (s2M2) + · · · + br (srMr) =bi (siMi) mod mi =bi mod mi, because siMi = 1 mod mi. 15 shows that all solutions are congruent mod m1 · · · mr. 20. '. 1. Prove that Hint. Assume otherwise, cross multiply, and use Euclid's Lemma. 21. , take m = 314159 and m' = 539114). Prove that m - m' is a multiple of 9. 22. Prove that a positive integer n is divisible by 11 if and only if the alternating sum of its digits is divisible by 11 (if the digits of a are dk ...

I) 0 · a= 0 = a· 0 for every a E R. (ii) If 1 = 0, then R consists of the single element 0. In this case, R is called the zero ring. 3 (iii) If-a is the additive inverse ofa, then (-1)(-a) =a= (-a)(-1). In particular, ( -1 )( -1) = 1. (iv) (-l)a =-a= a(-1) for every a ER. (v) If n EN and nl = 0, then na = 0 for all a ER; recall that if a ER and n EN, then na =a+ a+···+ a (n summands). 4 Proof. (i) 0 ·a= (0 + O)a = (0 ·a)+ (0 ·a). Now subtract 0 ·a from both sides. (ii) If 1 = 0, then a = 1 · a = 0 · a = 0 for all a E R.

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