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Insect body structure is at the moment present process a revolution with the elevated program of molecular organic thoughts to enquire the molecular mechanisms underlying the physiological responses to insect cells.Advances in Insect body structure is commited to publishing prime quality studies on molecular biology and molecular genetics in parts the place they supply an elevated knowing of physiological strategies in bugs. quantity 26 of this vintage seriescontinues to supply up to date experiences on topical matters of significance to all invertebrate physiologists and neurobiologists and comprises elevated assurance at the molecular biology of insect body structure.

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By probing with the cDNA clones described above, a 35 kb segment of genomic DNA was cloned which includes two complete genes for 16 kDa (C-type) oothecins. They are separated by 12 kb of DNA and transcribed in the same direction. The transcribed sequence of each extends over about 7 kb and includes two introns. , 1987). Unfortunately, the full upstream sequence of the oothecin gene has not been published, and this research has not been continued. The JH regulation of the cockroach oothecin genes clearly deserves further study.

There are several phases in the production of an egg. The oogonia multiply by mitosis, and in meroistic ovaries some of the oogonia become specialized as nurse cells (trophocytes). In the telotrophic ovary, the nurse cells may retain their ability to divide by mitosis after the oocytes have differentiated. In most insects, meiosis is delayed until the spermatozoon enters the oocyte, and the nucleus of the unfertilized egg is the typical germinal vesicle, ready to enter the prophase of the first maturation division.

Topical application of J H analogue to starved diapausing females results in deposition of yolk in the ovaries, and a reduction of the Vg level in the haemolymph (Kelly and Davenport, 1976). , 1992). It is thus clear that JH’acts directly on the ovary to influence the uptake of Vg and YP into the oocyte. It is now known that at least two processes are targets for the hormone. On the one hand, JH acts on the follicle cells, causing large spaces to appear between them (Fig. 2). This permits the Vg in the haemolymph to gain access to the oocyte surface.

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