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By Theodor W. Adorno

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Theodor Adorno (1903-69) used to be certainly the major philosopher of the Frankfurt institution, the influential team of German thinkers that fled to the united states within the Thirties, together with such thinkers as Herbert Marcuse and Max Horkheimer. His paintings has proved drastically influential in sociology, philosophy and cultural idea. Aesthetic thought is Adorno's posthumous magnum opus and the fruits of a lifetime's research. Analysing the chic, the grotesque and the gorgeous, Adorno exhibits how such recommendations body and distil human event and that it truly is human event that finally underlies aesthetics. In Adorno's formula 'art is the sedimented background of human misery'.

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Theatre is a total stranger to the instrumentality of political effects, a stranger to the instrumentality required to secure the conditions of trust, safety and cooperation described above as the defining qualities of politics. Performance and the political are incommensurable if not downright contradictory. Contrary to closing out and abandoning my project to politicise performance, before it has begun, this book begins again by representing the irreducible relativism of the two terms, rooted in the brute fact of the gap between differentiated genres of discourse.

Yet at the very moment over the last decade when the lacuna left by this observation might have been filled with propositions of alternative strategies for addressing injustice, if not politicising performance, there has been, from the institutional discipline of performance studies at least, an immediate withdrawal from the ground cleared, as though to say that to offer alternatives was inherently stabilising and conservative. Various words were used to describe this gap, however, from ‘anti-discipline’, ‘inter-discipline’, to ‘post-discipline’ and ‘paradigm explosion’ all of which have concretised, to all but the most inside of the insiders, the ineffable very nicely.

In its denial of the political, theatre affirms the politics of which it seeks to be a part. This realm is not theatrical, but almost as real as that most durable of the arts. This is the realm of action in and on the world in which performance plays a rôle. To maintain the possibility of such action in the world while continuing to practise and think about theatre in that same world is the ambition of this work. There is no point, in my view, for theatre to be consigned to the marginalia of the ‘merely cultural’ while the centres of brute force assert and reassert their conditions of oppression on the very performative grounds that theatre might have some affinity with, or leverage upon.

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