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The distinctive topic of the higher a part of the letters and essays of Schiller contained during this quantity is Aesthetics; and sooner than passing to any comments on his therapy of the topic it will likely be priceless to provide a couple of observations at the nature of this subject, and on its remedy through the philosophical spirit of alternative ages.
First, then, aesthetics has for its item the gigantic realm of the gorgeous, and it can be so much competently outlined because the philosophy of artwork or of the nice arts. to a few the definition could appear arbitrary, as apart from the attractive in nature; however it will stop to seem so whether it is remarked that the wonder that is the murals is larger than normal attractiveness, since it is the offspring of the brain. in addition, if, in conformity with a definite tuition of contemporary philosophy, the brain be seen because the actual being, together with all in itself, it needs to be admitted that attractiveness is simply really attractive while it stocks within the nature of brain, and is mind’s offspring.
Viewed during this mild, the wonderful thing about nature is barely a mirrored image of the wonderful thing about the brain, purely a less than excellent attractiveness, which as to its essence is integrated in that of the brain. Nor has it ever entered into the brain of any philosopher to increase the attractive in normal items, in order to convert it right into a technological know-how and a method. the sector of normal attractiveness is just too doubtful and too fluctuating for this goal. additionally, the relation of good looks in nature and sweetness in paintings kinds part of the technological know-how of aesthetics, and reveals back its right place…


[Halls of Wisdom]
From Buddha to Confucius to Plato and down the spiral of time to Kant, Nietzsche and Russell, the Halls of knowledge are crammed to overflowing, but slightly complete. discover the cavernous teachings of the masters, wander off within the artwork of ask yourself, and fall in love with knowledge.
The merely factor you could lose are your chains.

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But when once thought pronounces and says: "That is," it decides forever and ever, and the validity of its decision is guaranteed by the personality itself, which defies all change. Inclination can only say: "That is good for your individuality and present necessity"; but the changing current of affairs will sweep them away, and what you ardently desire to-day will form the object of your aversion to-morrow. But when the moral feeling says: "That ought to be," it decides forever. If you confess the truth because it is the truth, and if you practise justice because it is justice, you have made of a particular case the law of all possible cases, and treated one moment of your life as eternity.

Seek to owe their suffrage to their dignity; but to make them happy keep an account of their unworthiness: thus, on the one hand, the nobleness of your heart will kindle theirs, and, on the other, your end will not be reduced to nothingness by their unworthiness. The gravity of your principles will keep them off from you, but in play they will still endure them. Their taste is purer than their heart, and it is by their taste you must lay hold of this suspicious fugitive. In vain will you combat their maxims, in vain will you condemn their actions; but you can try your moulding hand on their leisure.

As it is the effect of the energetic beauty to elevate the mind in a physical and moral point of view and to augment its momentum, it only too often happens that the resistance of the temperament and of the character diminishes the aptitude to receive impressions, that the delicate part of humanity suffers an oppression which ought only to affect its grosser part, and that this coarse nature participates in an increase of force that ought only to turn to the account of free personality. It is for this reason that, at the periods when we find much strength and abundant sap in humanity, true greatness of thought is seen associated with what is gigantic and extravagant, and the sublimest feeling is found coupled with the most horrible excess of passion.

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