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An advent to Tibetan medication

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Movement of wind inside the body of the foetus takes 25th place. The mind is manifested and the memory becomes clear. 26th 27th to All the organs formed previously become well 30th demarcated. 31st to 35th They expand. 36th A substance called zi-dang (gzi-mdangs; ojas) moves from the mother to the child and vice versa. When it moves from the mother to the child, the mother becomes sad and child happy: and when it moves from the child to the mother, the child becomes sad the happy 37th The faculty of intellect develops.

This work has the following parts: Tibetan title I. 11. 111. IV. Sanskrit equivalent rTsa-rgyud bShad-rgyud Man-ngag rgyud Phyi-ma-rgyud Mula-tantra Akhyata-tan tra Upadesa-tantra Uttantra English equivalent Primary text Explanatory text Text of illstructions Last text or the text of Appendices. This is written in the from of questions and answers between the great Ri-shi Yi-la-kye (Rsi Yid-las-skyes) and the Rig-pai-yeshe (Rig-pa'i ye-shes), the nirmanakaya (emanation) of Medicine Buddha. This is analogous to works like "Rasarnava-tantra" written in the form of a dialogue between Hara and Pravati.

This summary is based on materials collected in Alex Wavman, "The Concept of Poison in Buddhism," Oriens, X: 1(1957), pp. The addition of a third category 'concocted' (byas pa) to the standard two poisons, is in a passage cited from the Mahama yurividyara jnisutrasatasahasratika-nama, in the Tibetan Tanjur. The association of the three psychological poison& with the three physiolopical 'faults' is found in the Tibetan medical text, Bdud rtsi snin po yan lag brgyad pa gsan ba man nag yon tan rgyud ky ilhan thabs.

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