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By Kenneth J. Gergen

ISBN-10: 080398376X

ISBN-13: 9780803983762

From a number one determine within the box, this introductory textual content kinds a sublime assessment of social constructionism that's immediately wide-ranging and accessible.

In this landmark paintings Kenneth Gergen charts the history to the social constructionist circulate and descriptions the foremost debates, themes, and concerns in a manner that's instantly profound but hugely readable. it truly is an interdisciplinary tour de force that might impact the improvement of training, learn and social perform for future years.

An Invitation to Social Construction is vital examining for all scholars and lecturers drawn to social constructionism and modern matters and debates around the social sciences. it is going to additionally communicate considerably to therapists, organizational experts, educators, and others engaged in practices of social change.

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If you write or make a film about "your people," you are rep-resenting them – and effectively, they continue to be without control. " For example, if an author wishes to reveal the miseries result-ing from an oppressive society – emphasizing for example, suffering, drugs and violence – the identified group often feels betrayed. They appear as abnormal, incapacitated victims. On the other hand, if the author wishes to stress the richness of a tradition, the joys, the communal bonds, and so on, antagonism again erupts.

Asks Wittgenstein. "2 How are we to make sense of this metaphor? Consider first the game of chess, in which the two opponents take turns in moving pieces of various sizes and shapes across a checkered board. There are explicit rules about when and how each piece can be played, along with implicit rules of proper social conduct (for example, you may not curse or spit at your opponent). Here it is possible to say that each piece in the chess set acquires its meaning from the game as a whole. " Words acquire their meaning in the same way, proposes Wittgenstein.

Recall now the second of the doomsday critiques of the preceding chapter, that is, the reduction of all truth to text. As we saw, from the textual stand-point the meaning of our words depends not on the features of the world, but on their interdependency with other words. We can make sense of nothing "outside of text," it seemed, because it is only in text (or language) that sense is made. Yet, in spite of its compelling power, this critique also left us at an impasse. Not only did it reduce all traditions of science and scholarship to mere word-play, but the argument was essentially self-refuting (for example, the argument itself was a text and therefore only a play of signifiers).

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