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We don’t simply stay within the air; we are living due to it. It’s the main remarkable substance on the earth, accountable for our nutrients, our climate, our water, and our skill to listen to. during this exuberant e-book, proficient technological know-how author Gabrielle Walker peels again the layers of our surroundings with the tales of the folk who exposed its secrets:

• A flamboyant Renaissance Italian discovers how heavy our air rather is: The air filling Carnegie corridor, for instance, weighs seventy thousand kilos.
• A one-eyed barnstorming pilot unearths a collection of winds that regularly blow 5 miles above our heads.
• An impoverished American farmer figures out why hurricanes circulate in a circle by means of carving equations along with his pitchfork on a barn door.
• A well-meaning inventor approximately destroys the ozone layer.
• A reclusive mathematical genius predicts, thirty years earlier than he’s proved correct, that the sky features a layer of floating steel fed via the gleaming tails of capturing stars.

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The flood caused 500,000 deaths, and 6 million people lost their homes. S. naval fleet in the Philippine Sea inadvertently sailed directly into Typhoon Cobra, with winds of up to 130 MPH (209 km/h) and waves up to 70 feet (21 m) high. Three destroyers sank, 150 carrier-borne aircraft were destroyed, and 790 sailors were killed. 1948 • In October, smog due to pollution at Donora, Pennsylvania, killed 17 people and made about 6,000 ill. 1950 • On November 24, air polluted by hydrogen sulfide at Poza Rica, Mexico, killed 22 people and made 320 ill.

Floods in El Eulma, Algeria, on September 3 killed 43 people. • Winds up to 80 MPH (129 km/h; hurricane category 1) struck the United Kingdom on September 21, killing at least 12 people. • Typhoon Clara struck Fujian Province, China, on September 21, destroying 130 square miles (3,367 km2) of rice crops. • Flash floods in Nepal on September 29 left about 500 people dead or missing. • Floods and landslides in Sichuan Province, China, in October killed 240 people. 41 42 A Chronology of Weather • Storms caused floods in northern Mexico on October 7, in which 65 people died.

1762 • A blizzard in England lasted 18 days in February, killing nearly 50 people. 1780 • A prolonged Caribbean storm, known simply as “the Great Hurricane,” swept through the West Indies in October. The British fleet, anchored at Barbados, suffered severe damage, as did a Spanish fleet in the Gulf of Mexico, nearly 2,000 miles (3,200 km) distant. 1813–1814 • Smog in London lasted from December 17 to January 2. 21 22 A Chronology of Weather 1824 • Ice jamming the River Neva in Russia caused flooding in St.

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