E. Aaltola's Animal Suffering: Philosophy and Culture PDF

By E. Aaltola

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Exploring how animal affliction is made significant inside Western ramifications, the ebook investigates subject matters resembling skepticism touching on non-human event, cultural roots of compassion, and modern methods to animal ethics. At its heart is the pivotal query: what's the ethical value of animal affliction?

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When combined with the emerging evidence of animal traits, emotion and cognition, this suggests that many animals are capable of a wide variety of suffering, ranging from that related to anxiety and depression to that linked to core emotions and the frustration of key traits or cognitive ability. That is, when taking into account not only the sentience of non-human animals, but also the scope of emotions, traits and capacities innate to their species, it emerges as very likely that many of them are, indeed, capable of suffering.

As soon as the productivity of these animals decreases, they are viewed as useless and sent to slaughter. It is rather telling that at least 110 million ‘spent’ hens are killed each year Animal Suffering: The Practice 39 in the USA alone, only to have their corpses viewed as mere garbage or used for dog food. Because these animals are considered to be ‘worth nothing’, they are often killed on the farm rather than transported to slaughterhouses. 40 Those that are transported to slaughterhouses do not always fare better.

Animal suffering is slowly appearing on the agenda, even if it still retains only a very marginal role. Yet, despite growing criticism, progress is still painfully slow. In many countries where one would expect to see high concern for welfare, welfare standards are extremely poor. In fact, it would be entirely misleading to point the finger at China or other non-Western countries as the only sources of extreme animal abuse. In Western countries, such abuse is often hidden from the view of the public, both in a concrete way (we do not witness it) and in a metaphoric sense (when seen, abuse is sanitized into acceptable routine and clinical jargon of ‘guidelines’).

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