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What Causes Anxiety Disorders? ” —Mayo Clinic, a world-renowned medical facility headquartered in Rochester, Minnesota. F or anyone who suffers from an anxiety disorder, being told that the cause is unknown can be extremely frustrating—yet that is what people usually hear. Unlike many diseases for which medical science has revealed a definitive cause or causes, such is not the case with anxiety disorders. Scientists have many theories, and research has produced promising findings, but there are still more questions than answers.

59 “ ” Facts and Illustrations Facts and Illustrations What Are the Effects of Anxiety Disorders? 60 • The Anxiety Disorders Association of America states that people with an anxiety disorder are six times more likely to be hospitalized for psychiatric disorders than those who do not suffer from anxiety disorders. • Studies have shown that anxiety disorders are often accompanied by other mental health problems such as major depression and alcohol or substance abuse. • According to research psychiatrist William R.

It’s alive in me. ”52 Trauma’s Agonizing Toll “ People who have gone through traumatic events such as war, violent assaults, horrific accidents, or devastating natural disasters may be haunted for years after the incidents occurred. Painful memories can resurface at any time, making the person feel as though he or she is living through the trauma all over again. For some, this manifests itself in the form of post-traumatic stress disorder, a crippling condition that can devastate people’s lives.

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