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An aged black grandmother passes at the tale of the family's Jewish origins to her younger granddaughter, Carol Olivia. As kinfolk flee the Spanish Inquisition, are abducted via pirates and finally sail to the US, one daughter in every one iteration is given the identify Olivia, from the Hebrew Shulamit which means "peace," to honor the Jewish a part of their ancestry.

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Moses Mendelssohn (1729–1786) was once the superior Jewish philosopher of his day and one of many best-known figures of the German Enlightenment, incomes the sobriquet ‘the Socrates of Berlin’. He used to be completely fascinated about the principal factor of Enlightenment non secular considering: the inevitable clash among cause and revelation in an age contending with person rights and non secular toleration.

New PDF release: Contemporary Jewish Reality in Germany and Its Reflection in

The inspiration of ""self"" and ""other"" and its illustration in art and literature is a vital subject in present cultural sciences in addition to in our lifestyle in modern Western societies. furthermore, the idea that of ""self"" and ""other"" and its imaginary dichotomy is gaining an increasing number of political impression in a global of resurfacing ideology-ridden conflicts.

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Nathan'shereditaryclaim,whilehe sees the storyaboutR. See "Historyand Ideologyin TalmudicNarrative,"in Approachesto AncientJudaism,ed. WilliamScottGreen,vol. 4 (1983),pp. 159-171. It seemsto me thatboth Babylonianstoriesacceptthe hereditaryclaim--afterall, R. Shimeonb. Gamalieldoes stay in officedespitehis lackof knowledge,andR. Gamalielappealsto the honorof his fatherin order to regainhis office--but thatboth overlaythis with a concernfor the patriarchas scholarand headof the academy. 36. Compare,however,the more explicitstoriesof challengesto Rabbi'sauthorityby R.

24. Foran exampleof a complicatedcommercialpartnership, see J. Dayan,Zehketavyadi (Jerusalem,1986),p. 152, hoshenmishpat,n. 7. 25. See, for example,A. Dayan,Zikkaronle-nefesh(Jerusalem,1985),p. 56. Onthe supply of teachersand ritualslaughterersfrom Aleppo to the satellitecommunities,see Neymark, 198 YARON HAREL these communitiesdid not producetalmudicscholarsof their own, they utilizedAleppo'sreservoirof scholarsand hiredrabbisfor fixed periodsof time. 28Althoughthese communitieswere not geographicallyclose to ties to it.

Lt- tWID? 40 . 41 "Into Life"??! Franz Rosenzweig and the Figure of Death Author(s): Zachary Braiterman Source: AJS Review, Vol. 23, No. 2 (1998), pp. org/stable/1486906 . Accessed: 15/07/2011 10:45 Your use of the JSTOR archive indicates your acceptance of JSTOR's Terms and Conditions of Use, available at . jsp. JSTOR's Terms and Conditions of Use provides, in part, that unless you have obtained prior permission, you may not download an entire issue of a journal or multiple copies of articles, and you may use content in the JSTOR archive only for your personal, non-commercial use.

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