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Yizhardescribeda series of battles in the Negev at HirbetMehaz, identified by some as the biblical Ziklag to which David had fled from Saul. The biblical connection endowedthe forgottenhill with addedvalue, ostensiblymakingit worthyof fighting 74. Nissim Aloni, AkhzarMi-KolHa- Melekh[Most Cruel-The King],TelAviv:TelAviv University, 1955. 75. Moshe Shamir,MelekhBasar Va-Dam[A King of Flesh and Blood], Tel Aviv: Am Oved, 1972. 76. Moshe Shamir,Kivsat Ha-Rash [PoorMan'sLamb],Tel Aviv:Am Oved, 1974.

He cited, for example, Keith W. Whitelam, The InventionofAncient Israel: TheSilencing of PalestinianHistory,Londonand New York:Routledge, 1996. 111. Uriel Simon, "ArkheologiaPost-Mikra'itU-Post-Tzionit" [Post-Biblical, Post-Zionist Archeology], op cit, p. 137. 112. On NadavNe'eman'sviews andanalysis,see his illuminating,pointedstudy,"He-AvarHaMekhonenet Ha-Hoveh,Izuvashel Ha-HistoriographiaHa-Mikra'itBe-SofYemeiHa-BayitHa-Rishon U-LeAharHa-Hurban"[The PastthatCreatesthe Present,the Shapingof BiblicalHistoriographyat the end of the FirstTemplePeriodand afterthe Destruction],YeriotIII, Jerusalem:A.

35 Anita Shapira the Bible, to borrow Ben-Gurion'sphrase,by lending it a modern interpretation and presenting its tales as universal human experience beyond time and space. Both episodes, spanningtwentyyears, were refreshing,but they only underscored the devaluationof the Bible as an agent of identityand culture. '-0It was an elegiac attemptto analyzethe Bible'snationalpast in Israeland to suggest a modest means of elevatingit in the present(the less clearand convincingpartof the essay). Othersfound it necessaryto list all the evils of Zionism as a lead-into the negotiationsbetween Israeland the Palestinians,so as to make the two sides more even.

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