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ISBN-10: 1609281632

ISBN-13: 9781609281632

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Soon, when the weather got colder, she would be unable to reach Ryllio, and the knowledge twisted into her heart like a blade. There were other pressing concerns. As the days passed Myrina realised her mother舗s mind was beginning to wander. Oft-times her wit was as sharp as ever, then suddenly, between one moment and the next, she would ask the whereabouts of her husband, or call for others also long gone. It was now only a matter of time, Myrina realised, before the end would be upon them, and she treasured each moment they had together.

The click of the latch as the door swung shut woke the sleeping patient, who looked up to smile at her daughter. 舠Ah, you舗re home,舡 whispered her mother, in a soft breathless voice. 舡 Myrina turned away to hang up her cloak on a peg by the door and to hide the sudden flame of her cheeks. 舡 舠Hmm,舡 was the sleepy reply. 舠I舗m glad you stopped for a while with Gottreb. 舡 舠Oh, yes. 舡 Myrina glanced into the pot hanging over the fire and knew if her mother had eaten any, it was only a mouthful. But although words of remonstration rose to her lips, she swallowed them back down and simply said, 舠That is good, Mama,舡 before helping her mother to ready herself for bed.

A puff of breeze rushed over her body, chilling against the overheated, sweat-dampened skin. Suddenly her nakedness no longer felt as natural as it had only moments before, and she gathered up her shift, tugging it over her head with shaking hands. Reaching for her cloak, afire now with embarrassment rather than passion, Myrina wished only to run away. Fear clawed its way into her heart, for she was adrift, lost in world beyond her understanding. With a whisper, Ryllio stilled her flight. 舠Stay, Myrina.

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