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By Elmore Leonard

ISBN-10: 0061828181

ISBN-13: 9780061828188

Bandits assembles an not likely workforce: an ex-nun, an ex-cop, and an ex-con. They've received their eyes on numerous million money that they've determined shouldn't be spent to help the Contras in Nicaragua. after all, loads of folks have their eyes at the cash, too.

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An assassination. ” I said nothing. Looked up at the sky. ” Duffy said again. I kept on looking up at the sky and dragged myself ten years backward through time, to a whole different world. ” I asked. “Military tanks? Tracks and guns? ” “There’s nothing to them,” I said. “I mean, you like them to be able to move fast, you want some reliability, you don’t object to some fuel economy. ” “Can I shoot you before you can shoot me? That’s what I want to know. If we’re a mile apart, can my gun reach you?

He stopped. He looked right at me. We got into one of those crowded-sidewalk things where we both hesitated and then both started moving and then both stopped again. At first I thought he didn’t recognize me. Then there was a shadow in his face. Nothing definitive. I held back and he walked across in front of me and climbed into the rear seat of a black Cadillac DeVille waiting at the curb. I stood there and watched as the driver eased out into the traffic and pulled away. I heard the hiss of the tires on the wet pavement.

She was wearing jeans and a heavy fisherman’s sweater. She had windblown hair and was maybe fifty years old. She looked tired and strained. She stopped about six feet from the car, like she was giving me the opportunity to realize it would be more polite if I got out and met her halfway. So I opened the door and slid out. I was stiff and cramped. I stepped forward and she put out her hand. I took it. It was ice cold and full of bones and tendons. “My son told me what happened,” she said. Her voice was low and sounded a little husky, like maybe she smoked a lot or had been crying hard.

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